Warm Line Guidelines and Code of Contact

The Warm Line is a telephone, text and computer-based peer support service operated by Progress Place.

Please understand that the Warm Line is NOT a crisis line. If you are in immediate crisis please contact: 911 or Local emergency room/ Local crisis centers, or if you are suicidal call 988.

Employees on the Warm Line all have lived experience of mental illness and use this lens to provide peer support to those who use the Warm Line services. Individuals can receive support by speaking on the phone, texting or chatting online. The Warm Line is available for anyone who is 18 and older, looking to connect when feeling lonely, isolated or in need a friendly chat.

It is important to note that there are guidelines and a general code of conduct we ask callers to follow when using the Warm Line services:

If during anytime of the conversation online you have a concern please email the coordinator at: WarmLine@progressplace.org

Thank you for understanding and agreeing to participate in keeping everyone safe. Any questions or clarification regarding the Guidelines or Code of Conduct can be directed to the Warm Line coordinator at 416 323-0223 x 236.